About Me

I am 28 years old and Married to My wonderful Husband for 7 months now . I come from a VERY Italian Family. My Mother and Father were both born in Palermo Sicily and My first language was Italian . In my house growing up the children never helped with the cooking it wasn't that my mother or grandmother didn't want to teach us its just that they loved doing it so much themselves that they never really wanted Anyone in the kitchen but the people who were cooking. My Grandparents would visit every Winter and spend 6 months living with us. This was a Huge advantage my parents worked full time and my Grandmother " Nonna" basically stayed with us until they got home. You can say in a way I was " Spoiled " Because I never had to cook or clean for myself . Now that I am Living on my own you can just imagine how much fun it is learning EVERYTHING !!!! Instead of Venting to My mostly single friends who really could care less and in a way I don't blame them I decided to see if there are any other Newlyweds who want to listen and maybe I can help them think of quick and easy ways to cook.