Monday, April 26, 2010

Here Comes the Bride..All Dressed in White... Now Whats for Dinner ??

Okay so your Engaged for about a year or two and sooo preoccupied in the Wedding planning that you don't even think about the Happily Ever After Part . Well for me it has been Happy and 7 months married now I love it . The only thing I don't love is all the work that goes into it.. I am not a Marriage Guru and will not be giving marriage advice but why not take you all on a little journey I like to call Cooking for the First time !!! I am not a chief and never went to cooking school so if you are looking for gourmet meals this is probably not the page for you. As you may have read in my About me Page I am a newlywed learning to everything on my own with my hubby of course ! When I was living with my parents Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner were all made by my mom or Nonna so I barely ever stepped foot in the Kitchen . The only cooking experience I had was smelling the Sauce being made Early Sunday morning , Watching Nonna stuff the Best Rice balls out of Palermo and Listening to the two bicker about what has to go where. So For me and my Husbands Tummy I guess it was good enough.

I love to Watch the Food Network and Read The Food Network Magazine as well ... Oh my god it is amazing !!!! I love Food and The Processes of cooking a Good homemade meal . What I don't love is that I work a Full time Job and no offense to anyone but I don't have time to make my own dough and pasta or anything that takes 3 hours to make unless its a weekend . I am an on the go type of person but put me in the kitchen and for some reason all my stress goes away. So I decided to do cooking my way the newlywed way lol.

Like many Brides I went a little Crazy with the Bridal Registry and now I have a kitchen Full of Gadgets and not much knowledge on how to use them .. Martha Stewart really knows how to mesmerize you LOL especially when you have that scan gun in your hand ..Join me on this little journey of learning and hey you never know you might actually learn something. Stay tuned for Recipes and Fun stuff ahead .. Get your bounty and Aprons Ready this may be a messy ride :)


Angela said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome to the blogging world! I have a hard time keeping up with my blog as I am sure you could tell.
Can't wait to see what you "fix" for dinner, I sell Pampered Chef so I always love to hear what others are doing in the kitchen.

age3082 said...

Thank you Angela ... I also Love Pampered Chef alot of the stuff is very useful and Durable !!

Laura said...

After being married for almost 30 years( 30 in August), I really wish I had a cook. I'm tired of trying to figure out meals.